FREE Webinar: MapStore major release 2023.02 and Beyond

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Join us Tuesday February 6th 2024 at 11AM Eastern (11 AM Eastern / 5PM CET/ other time zones here), for the next free webinar as part of the GeoSolutions instructional webinar series on open-source software products, including GeoServer, GeoNode, and MapStore. On February 6th we will be featuring MapStore. You will have the opportunity to see all the new features of the latest major release 2023.02, discover what is coming in the near future, and interact with the core developers of MapStore. You can register here below for free!Link to registration page

This release introduces a wide range of new interesting features, here is a selection of our favorite ones.

Map widgets and annotations available in 3D mode

MapStore widgets (i.e. charts, tables, legends) are now available also in 3D mode. This is a very useful further step in hardening the 3D features.

MapStore widgets in 3D mode

Geoprocessing plugin

A new experimental tool to provide geo-processing capabilities leveraging the GeoServer processing capabilities. Buffer and Intersection operations are available and more tools will be included in new releases.

Longitudinal profile plugin

Given a DEM or bathymetric layer as a source and a path provided over it, this new tool allows the longitudinal profile to be calculated and displayed within an interactive chart. The tool runs on an equally new WPS process on the GeoServer side created for the purpose.

WMS interoperability enhancements

The MapStore interoperability for WMS has been improved to better handle available GetMap formats for a given WMS source in Catalog tool and Layer Settings. The concept of Source type has been also included to better distinguish GeoServer sources from the others and so improve the interoperability in managing vendor options. Enhancements to better handle available GetFeatureInfo formats for a given WMS source in Catalog tool and Layer Settings have been also included.

WMS Interoperability with MapStore

Caching with custom scales

MapStore now allows a more fine and effective tuning of caching options and strategies for WMS and WMTS layers in TOC where GeoWebCache is used for caching purposes on the server side. The support is now available also for scenarios where custom map scales are used on the MapStore side.

Aliases for vector data attributes

Finally, MapStore offers the ability to configure aliases for feature attribute names for all tools that use them for their purposes and functionalities within the application.

If you want get more information about this release you can read the announcement blog post here.

Registration information

To learn more about the new features and interact with the core developers of MapStore (Lorenzo Natali and Tobia Di Pisa), I cordially invite you to a free webinar on Tuesday February 6th 2024 at 11:00 Eastern Time / 4:00 PM GMT / 5:00 PM CET (check other time zones here) by registering at the link below!

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Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

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