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Your geospatial infrastructure in good hands!

Secure a service that can ensure proper functioning of your GeoServer, GeoNode or MapStore deployment, and protect your investments.

We ensure smooth operations for the above open source geospatial products and we support you at every critical step of your workflow.

Stop googling, we are here to help!

Robust and reliable open source products

Thanks to our unparalleled knowledge and experience with GeoServer, GeoNode and MapStore we are able to provide the warranty that your deployment will not break and if it does we will fix it at no additional costs.

Improve KPIs of your deployment

Certified Deployment

We review and certify your deployment to make sure it is properly performed for achieving long term stability and performance.

Assured Incident Resolution

For critical incidents we provide  fixes as part of the offer. Fixes will go back to the open source codebase, in case they are related to a bug, to protect your investment.

GeoSolutions Subscription Services are the obvious choice to improve service continuity of your GeoServer, GeoNode or MapStore deployment and maximize your investment in open source geospatial products.

Assured Response Time

Strict response time means that if an incident occurs we will react timely to ensure service continuity.

Dedicated Portal

You will get dedicated ticket portal and forum together with voice support to ensure that your staff never feels let alone in the dark when an incident in production happens.

Proactive Monitoring

We will help to monitor the deployed cluster to make sure it is healthy and performant. In most cases we will be able to intervene proactively to ensure smooth services continuity.

Unparalleled operations expertise at your service! 

Your goals

Our solution

"I want my deployment performant and stable"

> Deployment certified by experts

"Prevent and quickly resolve incidents"

> Assured incident resolution

"Ensure smooth services continuity"

> Analytics and proactive monitoring

"Professional expertise to help when needed"

> Dedicated support with assured SLA

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Who we are

GeoSolutions is one of the world’s leaders in supporting open source geospatial software. GeoSolutions has been providing robust solutions since 2006 to more than 200 satisfied customers world wide. The GeoSolutions team is composed of main contributors of GeoServer, GeoNetwork, MapStore, GeoNode and other popular open source projects. GeoSolutions actively participates in OGC Working Groups and are continuously being funded by the OGC Innovation Program to advance industry open standards. GeoSolutions, not only implements OGC standards, but also those published by the ISO Technical Committee 211 for documenting, processing and disseminating raster and vector geospatial data. 

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