GeoSolutions is now a Cesium Certified Developer – 3D Tiles

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GeoSolutions is proud to announce that Cesium, leaders in 3D geospatial technology and creators of OGC compliant 3D Tiles has officially certified GeoSolutions as an organizational member of the Cesium Certified Developer Program.  With a team of certified Cesium 3D developers, GeoSolutions can help you unleash the power of 3D geospatial visualization for data-driven decision-making, leveraging MapStore. Partner with GeoSolutions to transform your data into actionable insights for a connected world and to harness the power of digital twins.

“We’re honored to be Cesium-certified developers and our ongoing collaboration with both OGC and Cesium will continue to advance 3D integration into open-source software applications, specifically MapStore“, said GeoSolutions President Simone Giannecchini.  “GeoSolutions is in a unique position to advance 3D and digital twin capabilities directly in open-source software and becoming an organizational member of Cesium’s developer program allows us to support organizations advancing their own integration of 3D and digital twins.”

GeoSolutions has collaborated extensively in the last two years with City of Florence (Italy), City of Genova(Italy), CRAIG (France), Austrocontrol (Austria) and others to build real-world 3D tile integration leveraging MapStore support for Cesium as shown below.

City of Berlin Digital Twin, Alexander Platz with new buildings highlighted

City of Florence Digital Twin, with 3D buildings fused with classified Lidar

3D Building Styling in MapStore

3D Air Corridors over Austria from Austrocontrol

Old versus new using clipping planes in MapStore for the City of Genova Digital Twin

Views tool - globe options

New port tunnel construction for the City of Genova

Extruded features in MapStore

Extruded features in MapStore

As always, call on GeoSolutions, the core code developers and experts on:

  • GeoServer, the leading open source server to publish geospatial data at scale.
  • MapStore, our modular open source WebGIS product to create and publish geospatial data as maps, dashboards and geo stories.
  • GeoNode, the open source GIS platform to create a complete and interoperable spatial data infrastructure.

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